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Playing Ball With Legends

The story and the stories of Don Lund

Michigan Sports Hall of Fame legend Don Lund was considered the best Detroit High School athlete of his time. He earned the same praise as a three-sport letter winner at the University of Michigan. His professional baseball playing career started in the National League with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945 and finished in the American League in 1954 with the Detroit Tigers.

Then he went on to become a legendary NCAA Big Ten baseball coach at Michigan. And that's not all. The Detroit Tigers put him in the record books as the only person to serve the same major league club as a player, a scout, a coach, and a member of top front office management. Finally, he finished his career as Associate Athletic Director at Michigan.

He counted many baseball legends and Hall-of-Famers as his friends. He signed his 1947 contract with the Dodgers in the same ceremony as Jackie Robinson. He played outfield for the Tigers with Al Kaline. He roomed with men like Hal Newhouser and George Kell.  He counts them among his friends, along with many more from the post- World War II  era of college and professional sports.

Playing Ball with Legends is more than a sports biography or a baseball book. It's a book about ordinary people who did extraordinary things in professional sports.  It tells wonderful stories about them, through the eyes of one of their own.

"After my father, Don Lund is the most important man in my life ... Don was the one who taught us how to win, both on and off the field."         -Bill Freehan