The Lost Faith of Messiah and Disciples

The Emperors Nero (37-68 c.e.) and Domitian (81-96 c.e.) burned the Book of Life,
But Messiah Wrote the Book of Revelation as a Roadmap to Rebuild the Book of Life

Watch to Understand How the Hidden Power of Your Mind Works

Who Has The Living Faith?

The Faith Without Works is Dead,
But the Faith Delivered of Yahshua Messiah
Has Works and is Living.
(James 2:20, Romans 6:17 KJV)

Follow Our Messiah's Roadmap in a Concise Translation

Anybody Can Write the Book of Life If They Follow Messiah's Roadmap

Revelation in the Raw Amplified

The book that can allow secrets to be seen,
and can make hidden information known

This is the book! It is raw, without anything disguised.

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