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Revelation in the Raw

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Preparing the Way

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The Image of the Beast

The Source of the Great Tribulation of Mankind

In the last days, when man has the capability to destroy
all life and possibly an entire planet, will he finally
find all of his marbles again? The Image of the Beast
sets forth a series of stories showing the great
tribulation mankind is bringing upon Earth. Today’s
generation has inherited religious books and laws
following these books which have been changed. About
two thousand years ago tyrants changed these because
they rejected the works of our Messiah, and turned
back to the worship of ancient images of doctrine.
Learn the hidden reasons so much trouble exists, and
the wars, crimes, and trouble just will not go away.
Nobody looks for the right solution when the problem
has been carefully concealed from everyone.


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The Great Nuclear Age

The Monster Wars and the Last of the Humans

Is it fiction? Is it real? Can you decide for your self?
Have we entered a fantacy world? Is everyone a little bit crazy?
Read the story of the Great Nuclear Age and see if you can identify the monsters.
Are they creatures out of this world? Are they insane people?
How many actual humans really exist? How can anyone tell them apart?


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